Status of the World

Every single country in the world faces gaps to fully achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Below is an analysis of how close or far away developed, developing, and the least developed countries are from reaching each of the 17 goals.

Current status for

60/100 60% of all countries have a gap to reaching this goal’s target.

46/10046% of all countries have a substantial gap to reaching this goal’s target.

1/1001% of all countries currently fulfill the goal’s target.

31/10031% of all countries have insufficient data to assess their status related to this goal.

How digital solutions can put this goal within reach


For GeSI's “status of the world analysis”, all 17 Sustainable Development Goals were assessed against 63 key performance indicators for every country in the world, based on the list of 215 economies in the world provided by the World Bank. The results of this analysis at the country-level were allocated to three major country clusters, based on their development level, as defined by the UN: developed regions with 54 countries, developing regions with 113 countries, and 48 least developed countries (LDCs). The data for assessing each country against the 63 indicators were obtained from the UN (where available), World Bank, OECD, ITU and other reputable sources.

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